In The Heart of la Vera

Between the Gredos montains and Tietar river

Close your eyes and imagine an always green extensive valley in Caceres, just tow hours from Madrid.

Lakes that reflect a thousand chromatic tones. Pastoral landscapes, dotted with a history that becomes part of the culture Charles V (Charles I of Spain) selected the area for his retirement to the Monastery of Yuste.

Picturesque towns in which it seems that time has stood still. Open your eyes: you are in La Comarca de la Vera. A "Extremadura" county that invites you to visit it at any time of the year and enjoy it in your own way: adventure sports, horse riding, walking routes, mountain gastronomy, architectural treasures to visit... An immense range of possibilities in an incomparably beautiful setting.

Open your heart to La Vera. It's pure enchantment.

Five of the towns has been declared with "Historical History Interest" (Cuacos, Valverde, Villanueva,Pasarón y Garganta), and some of their buildings with "Cultural Interest"

The Hotel is situated in Jarandilla de la Vera in a warm and cosy atmosphere